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Dive into a world of innovation and design excellence with my UI UX curated portfolio works.

The value of the Human Touch

Human-centered visual design



I explore diverse perspectives to create innovative user-centered design solutions.



Meet end-user needs by understanding their behaviors and motivations.



Invaluable synergy of collective effort and expertise to inspire and engage end-users.



Engage with stakeholders and teams to articulate design decisions and rationale.

I'm a creative professional leveraging curiosity, empathy, communication, and collaboration to drive innovative design solutions.

I am driven to push boundaries and explore innovative perspectives, crafting designs that deeply resonate with users and address their unique challenges. My commitment to each project is unwavering, fueled by a passionate desire to make a positive impact. Proficient in fostering inclusive collaborations, I excel in working with diverse teams, clients, and communities.

Ready to contribute to your organization's success, I am prepared to unleash the full potential of design. Let's connect and explore the boundless possibilities ahead!

My skills will help you achieve your project goals.

Elevating the Brand Experience with Expertise

Mastery across UI/UX design process and principles

I am a user-centered designer with a passion for creating elevated, ethical, inclusive, and emotionally resonant data-driven design solutions.


Design tools proficiency

Proficiency in using design tools like Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator), Figma, and other industry-standard software is crucial for creating interfaces, prototypes and more.


Information architecture

The indispensable backbone of user experience design, information architecture provides a seamless navigation experience that prevents users from getting lost in a sea of information.


User experience research

Through diligent user research, we gain profound insights into their needs and behaviors, empowering us to understand them on a deeper level.


Visual and interaction design

The harmonious interplay of art and science creates interfaces that are both visually captivating and fully easy to use and efficient.


Prototyping and usability evaluation

Essential for getting feedback from users early and identifying and addressing product concerns early in the design process.

Expertly crafted digital marketing visuals

Impactful creative digital marketing

About Ourselves

In the ever-evolving landscape of online business, I am versed in crafting digital visuals that resonate and drive conversation, engagement and garner results.

  • Responsive websites and landing pages
  • Social media content creation
  • Paid social campaigns
  • Targeted email advertising
  • Compelling youtube videos and youtube shorts

About me and my Experience

Grit is key

I'm a results-driven, award-winning designer with a strong business acumen and the aptitude to cultivate creativity and bring ideas to life. I am a seasoned web, digital, and print media creator with a wealth of experience in developing web sites, landing pages, social media content, campaigns, web banners, email marketing, flyers, brochure design, poster design, packaging design, logos and more.


  • B.A. in business communications with a focus on graphic communication
  • Google UX design professional certificate (7 courses, 160+hours)
Headshot of Tyler V. Shaqiri

Testimonials That Resonate

Tales of trust, triumph and transformation!

"Tyler proved himself to be an extremely talented designer and art director. His skill set is top-notch and he continually strives to improve. His ideas are well thought-out and beautifully executed – a very smart designer. He works well with others, gives good direction and has a generous personality. In short, a pleasure. I hope we cross paths again."

Matt B.

Web design client

"Tyler is a conceptual creative thinker with impeccable taste and the sort of classic timeless school design sensibility that is rare these days. His passion and dedication to work is contagious and he elevates the level of work. While a creative thinker, also extremely detail-oriented. This combination makes him invaluable to employers and clients alike."

Francis N.

Business owner

"Tyler is a pleasure to work with. His calm and unruffled manner are an asset in working in high stress situations. Besides being extremely creative, he has a great work ethic, communication skills and has amazing follow through. He is a well-rounded creative director that "gets" marketing in the publishing industry and it's demands."

Machelle B.

Business owner

"Working with Tyler was an absolute pleasure. His unwavering empathy shone through every interaction, making me feel truly understood and valued as a client. He went above and beyond to grasp not just the technical aspects of the project, but also the many and complex emotional nuances of our users. This empathetic approach resulted in designs that not only met our objectives but also resonated deeply with our audience, fostering a much needed deeper sense of connection and trust."

Anna H.

Web design client

"Collaborating with Tyler was a seamless experience from start to finish. They possess an exceptional ability to foster collaboration and teamwork, bringing together diverse perspectives and skill sets to achieve our shared goals. Their open communication style and willingness to listen to input ensured that every team member felt valued and heard throughout the process. Thanks to their collaborative spirit, we were able to navigate challenges with ease and deliver outstanding results"

Ken K.

Business owner

"I cannot speak highly enough of Tyler's resilience and determination in the face of adversity. Despite encountering numerous obstacles throughout the project, he remained steadfast in their commitment to excellence. Thanks to his grit and perseverance, we were able to overcome challenges and deliver a final product that exceeded all expectations. I would wholeheartedly recommend Tyler to anyone seeking a dedicated and tenacious partner for their design projects"

Matthew K.

Web design client