ui ux visual design project of luxury flower ordering app

Project case study

Responsive website for a pet care agency

Creating a trustworthy and welcoming online presence for pet owners seeking pet care. The pet care agency connects qualified and experienced care providers offering various dog and cat care services.

This website is a work in progress. This project shows the second iteration of a design concept. Read on to learn the story!

ui ux visual design for pet care agency

Project brief

Showcase multiple care providers offering pet care services. The website is to empower pet owners to feel safe with receiving pet care through the various pet care providers.

Key objective was to foster trust with pet owners who might be anxious about leaving their furry companions in someone else's care.

The challenge: Build a credible and user-friendly website for a pet care agency, fostering trust with anxious pet owners.

My role

2 months

My role
Research, visual design, UI design, user testing


Figma, Photoshop, Wordpress


From hand drawn sketches to refined low fidelity wireframes.

Hand drawn wireframes

After several sketches, this concept felt familiar and friendly.

hand drawn wireframes

Low fidelity digital wireframe

Quickly converted into rough digital wireframe.

digital wireframes

Research and usability testing

Usability testing and surveys were conducted to understand and empathise with user needs.
Read below to see the research.

ui ux usabilitiy study key takeways to implement

Refining visual designs and
uncovering user needs

Key themes in user needs and desires heightened the importance of building trust.
Discover how establishing trust became the cornerstone of this project.

Analyzing and interpretation of data

Key themes in user usability studies highlighted the importance of building user trust and credibility.

ui ux usabilitiy study key takeways to implement

Increase trustworthiness

ui ux optimized information architecture

Improve friendliness

ui ux increased interaction

Enhance services

ui ux integrated augmented reality function

Implement platform security

ui ux implemented social media platforms

Complete designs

Below are complete screens showing a booking process from a users perspective.


Scarlet Pena

Provider search results

Claire Simmmons

Provider profile

Leslie Pena

Booking confirmation

Scarlet Pena

What I learned

The three biggest lessons I've learned during this project so far are:

1.) Each project has different needs. Empathizing with users is always going to be most prosperous.

2.) There are multiple tiers and many ways to establish trust.

3.) Always ask users for their thoughts. User's don't lie.

Next steps

Continue testing the design to learn what improves the experience, improves retention, and increases purchases.

Continue finding other ways to make deeper connections and keep the users engaged.

Produce a dark version of the app.

Image of app with beautiful flowers behind screen